Journals and Scholarship in International Education: Trends and Core Texts

June 18, 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C, June 10, 2019 —

On Thursday, May 30th, The Global Experience Office’s Curriculum Integration Manager, Bryan McAllister-Grande presented in collaboration with Anthony Ogden, Rebecca Hovey and Shanna Saubert on the trends in publishing and scholarship in international education. “Drawing from the Journal of Studies in International Education, NAFSA’s Global Studies Literature Review, and other publications, the panelists discuss[ed] foundational texts, new directions in scholarship, and tips toward getting work published.” (

After defining the field and differentiating it from educational globalization, they discussed internationalization as a concept of infusing global perspectives into an institution or campus. The group organized their topics into three main buckets: education abroad, incoming international students, and global higher education trends. Building upon the research agenda Anthony Ogden wrote for AIEA, the presenters highlighted the increasing sophistication of the field. Beyond language learning and cultural adaptation, researchers in international education are now thinking about the impacts on the local community, graduation rates of study abroad participants, curriculum integration, political influences, and more.

The group discussed gaps in the field such as the impact on host communities and lack of research around this topic. Shanna Saubert discussed a survey she instituted last year around international students and research gaps. Rebecca Hovey discussed her work in global higher education systems, rethinking it in a more critical way to include the critique of Western models. For more information, the groups presentation slides can be found here.

A list of key journals and core texts in the field can be found here:

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