What is a Dialogue of Civilizations?

May 9, 2019

Northeastern’s Co-op Program is often regarded as the crown jewel of the University’s experiential education model by educators, researchers, and prospective students alike. While the opportunity to participate in Northeastern’s every-growing co-op program is one most quoted incentives for prospective huskies, coming in at a close second to the University’s co-op program are the expansive range of global opportunities available to students.

Today, the number of global opportunities Northeastern offers continues to grow, providing students with various avenues to explore and develop their global citizenship.

Dialogues offer a great alternative to traditional study abroad opportunities for students in high-intensity majors with less course flexibility. These programs are unique, intensive and shorter-term, lasting approximately 30 days in country as compared to a traditional 4 to 6 month experience. Additionally, Dialogues offer a wide variety of unique courses and electives that wouldn’t otherwise be available on campus, providing diverse perspectives and immersive cultural experiences.

70 Dialogue of Civilizations programs will run between the Summer I & II semesters of 2019 with a total of 1,419 students embarking on experiential learning opportunities across 33 countries.

This year’s offerings represent a 7% increase from Summer 2018, during which Northeastern offered 63 Dialogue programs in a total of 28 countries with participation from 1,331 students from across the university.

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