Everything you need to know about program costs, billing, scholarships and financial aid for your global experience.

Study abroad program costs vary by program and can be found under the Costs/Scholarships tab of each program page. Scroll down to learn about the specifics of each program type.

For questions regarding program costs, please contact the Global Experience Office. For questions regarding housing and non-academic costs, please contact the appropriate host institution, provider or vendor directly.

You must have a zero balance on your Northeastern student account at the time of departure. If you have an outstanding balance from a previous semester, your study abroad registration will be purged and you will not be allowed to go abroad.

You can find specific billing information on the Student Financial Services site.

When looking at a global experience opportunity, be sure to budget according to your specific program or region. Your budget for your program will vary based on things like:

  • Geography and location
  • Flights and transportation
  • Time of year and length of stay
  • Program type and activities included
  • Course or program of study

You can use the GEO Budget Planning Worksheet to help plan your budget.

You are eligible to maintain your financial aid while you study abroad as you retain your full-time student status. If studying abroad changes your number of classes and/or co-op semesters in an academic year, then your financial aid may be reduced or withheld. To maintain full-time status, the following conditions must be met:

To receive full financial aid for the year, you must:

  • attend one full-time academic semester (16 SH) and one co-op semester, OR
  • attend 2 full-time academic semesters (32 SH)

You must consult with your financial aid advisor before departing Boston. Please keep the following in mind:

  • One study abroad term is equal to one NU semester.
  • You will not be eligible for work-study while abroad.
  • Double check the deadline for submitting your financial aid applications for the following academic year. It might occur while you are abroad.
  • If your parent/guardian is an employee at Northeastern, the Northeastern tuition waiver policy provides a partial tuition waiver for a semester abroad. Your parent/guardian should consult with Human Resources for the exact tuition waiver amount.

Each year, the Global Experience Office offers scholarship opportunities to eligible students participating in global experience programs. These funding opportunities are awarded based on academic performance, financial need, or both.

Students can apply to any funding opportunity that they are eligible for. For more information, please visit our Scholarships & Funding page.

Every global experience program has financial nuances specific to that program. Find more information about your program below:

Dialogue of Civilizations program costs: Northeastern tuition + DOC Fee

The DOC Fee typically covers accommodations for the program duration, as well as some local transportation, excursions, and group meals.

The withdrawal fee increases incrementally the closer it is to the program departure date. The withdrawal fee will be charged on your student account. Please consult Withdrawing from a Program for the full withdrawal fee table. A complete breakdown of estimated costs for specific programs can be found on the individual program pages.

We strongly recommend all students book refundable or flexible airfare. This will give you flexibility should you need to request a refund from the airline for any reason. You will be responsible for all costs associated with airfare, visas, etc. GEO cannot provide refunds for airfare or visas under any circumstances.

Global Quest program costs: Regular Northeastern tuition + $7,500 program fee.

These costs cover academics and accommodations for the program duration. For questions regarding program costs, please contact your program advisor. A complete breakdown of estimated costs can be found on the individual program page.

Semester in: Northeastern tuition + Program fee. A complete breakdown of estimated costs can be found on the program page.

Northeastern uses a Home School Tuition policy model for study abroad, which means students pay Northeastern tuition for Northeastern credit. Non-academic costs are the student’s responsibility. In rare instances, the host institution or provider will bill Northeastern University for these costs. In those cases, GEO will pay the bill on the student’s behalf and then charge the student account.


Term costs:

  • Fall and spring semesters: Students billed Northeastern tuition for 12-16 credits
  • Summer terms: Students billed Northeastern tuition for 6-8 credits 

What does Northeastern cover?

  • Program/Confirmation deposits
  • Tuition up to 16 credits
  • Mandatory Orientation Fees
  • Excursions/field trips if directly related to a course
  • Supplemental course & lab fees if courses are being transferred back to NEU
  • Credited internships as long as total credits do not exceed 16

What do students cover?

  • Application Fees
  • Housing and Housing-related deposits
  • Meals
  • Local transportation
  • Visas
  • Entry/exit fees
  • Residency fees
  • Insurance
  • Activity/Student Union fees
  • Airport transfer/airport reception fee (unless included as a part of orientation)
  • Non-credit bearing courses (i.e., intensive language months prior to semester start)
  • Optional tours, excursions and/or volunteer activities
  • Course supplies/books
  • Utilities/internet
  • Cell phone