Partnership Opportunities

Types of Partnerships

An exchange partnership is an agreement with a partner institution that involves direct exchange of students to and from the partner institution and Northeastern. Typically, Northeastern will send one student to the partner institution in exchange for receiving one student from the partner institution to study at Northeastern. Participants will enroll as exchange students at the partner university but will pay their tuition at Northeastern for that term. This type of partnership is ideal for Northeastern as it creates a stronger relationship between the two institutions and promotes a deep cultural immersion for Northeastern students.

A study partnership is an agreement between two institutions that allows the direct study and enrollment of Northeastern students at the partner institution. The program is similar to exchange programs in duration, independence, and academics, but does not bring international students to Northeastern. There are exchange and study partnerships at the college-level or university-wide.

In order to create new international study partnerships that align with Northeastern’s goals and global mission, all new program proposals must be thoroughly researched and assessed by the Global Experience Office and approved by various constituents at Northeastern. GEO is committed to providing the best possible global experience for students and faculty.

A college-level agreement is a partnership between a particular college of Northeastern and an international institution. In this type of agreement, mobility of students is limited to the specified college or department at Northeastern and at the partner institution.

A university-wide agreement is a partnership that has been established between Northeastern and the international institution. University-wide agreements allow for the direct exchange or study of students to and from any college or department at Northeastern, providing the agreement doesn’t specify otherwise.

Getting Started

To begin the proposal process for a new international study partnership, please complete the proposal form linked below.

Northeastern faculty proposing a new partnership should reach out to GEO directly.

It is also recommended that the new partnership initiator take a look at Northeasteastern’s current partnerships to see what opportunities are already available for students and faculty.

For any questions regarding international study partnerships, please contact the Global Experience Office at for further information or to schedule an appointment.