Fall 2023 applications close on March 1, 2023 at 11:59pm EST!

About the Global Experience Office (GEO)

Global Learning Goal

Global experiences are transformative. It is our goal that students who have participated in global experience programs:

  • will demonstrate the ability to analyze how local and global systems, forces, and phenomena shape cultures and individual experience;
  • can live, learn, and work effectively with people whose backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives differ from one’s own;
  • will reflect and act with an understanding of the local and global impacts of one’s decisions.

Dr. Marina S. Markot

Do you believe that a picture is worth a thousand words? Then trust me when I say that entering the frame and becoming part of the scene is worth a thousand pictures! When all of our senses are engaged, we learn better and remember what we have learned better. We “get the full picture”, and keep it too!

First-hand global experiences provide such powerful learning that lasts! They open our eyes, our hearts, and our minds. They give us an opportunity to face different intellectual traditions and to see the world from different perspectives. They bring into question what was taken for granted and challenge our assumptions, beliefs and stereotypes. Through negotiating, on a daily basis, issues of identity, propriety, and justice – we acquire valuable life skills and the ability to interact and communicate across differences.

I encourage all Northeastern students to take advantage of the multitude of global opportunities offered by the Global Experience Office (GEO).

Join Northeastern faculty and your fellow students for a Dialogue of Civilizations to explore pressing global issues in conversations with experts and communities around the world!

Spend a semester at one of our many partner institutions to immerse yourself in a different academic culture and to leave the comfort zone of familiar thought patterns!

Take full advantage of Global Co-op placements to expand your career options and professional networks and to learn about varied workplace cultures and lifestyles!
In GEO’s vast portfolio of opportunities, there is the right one for each student. Our GEO Advisors and Peer Advisors will help you define your goals, select the program that meets these goals, navigate courses, and prepare you to be safe and successful on your journey.

If you think that global experiences are expensive and unaffordable, I challenge you to think again! Program costs and cost of living vary greatly, depending on program or location. Financial aid and additional scholarships are also readily available to support your endeavors abroad. Do not discard the idea until you inquire!

The world is fascinatingly complex and endlessly fascinating. There are many ways to discover it.

Which way are you going? Connect with GEO to find out.

Marina Markot

Executive Director of Global Experience