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What is Semester In?

The Semester In program, hosted at one of Northeastern’s Global Network campuses, provides a semester-long immersive experience where undergraduate students engage in industry site-visits, alumni and networking events, guest lectures, and opportunities for co-op in region, all while taking Northeastern courses.

These unique Semester In opportunities are the perfect way to live in, explore, and develop relationships in a new city environment while being supported by Northeastern’s network campus staff and faculty.

Students are eligible for all Semester In programs, as long as the courses contribute to their degree completion.

Current Locations: Oakland, London, Greece, Seattle, and Silicon Valley

Semester In London Programs

Fall 2024

The Academic Hub in the Heart of History!

London, the epitome of historical grandeur and modern diversity, is a global hub for finance, the arts, and culture. As a student in London, you’ll be surrounded by iconic English landmarks and an international atmosphere that fosters academic excellence. London offers a unique educational experience against the backdrop of its rich history and global influence.

Westminster Abbey in London.

Sponsored by the D’Amore-McKim School of Business:

Explore the financial epicenter of London with Finance, Fintech, and Financial Innovation. Immerse yourself in hands-on experiences, engaging coursework, and networking opportunities with industry leaders. From traditional finance to fintech innovations, this program offers an unparalleled opportunity to refine your financial expertise and witness the future of the financial industry unfold.

Learn more about Semester In London: Finance, Fintech & Financial Innovation.

Sponsored by the College of Social Sciences and Humanities:

Immerse yourself in London, a bustling global hub, to learn about responsible global engagement from experienced professors. Discover how to navigate cultural differences, make informed international business decisions, and comprehend emerging markets. You will also engage with industry leaders through site visits, lectures, and other networking opportunities. Apply to unravel the complexities of international business in one of the world’s most influential cities!

Learn more about Semester In London: Global Economic Engagement.

Semester In Oakland Programs

Fall 2024

Academic Adventure Meets City Excitement!

Discover a vibrant academic scene amidst the eclectic energy of Oakland. Home to cutting-edge institutions and a thriving arts community, this city offers a unique blend of innovation and culture. Dive into rigorous coursework by day and explore the dynamic local scene by night. From coffee shops to historic theaters, Oakland has something for every student seeking an unforgettable academic and urban experience.

Sponsored by the Khoury College of Computer Sciences:

Dive into the pulse of tech innovation with Computer Science and the Bay Area Tech Sector. Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of computer science while exploring the bustling tech hub of the Bay Area. From Silicon Valley giants to emerging startups, this program offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore and engage in the forefront of tech innovation.

Learn more about Semester In Oakland: Computer Science and the Bay Area Tech Sector.

Sponsored by the College of Engineering:

Experience a semester in Oakland for entrepreneurial exploration and hands-on research. Engage directly with the Bay Area’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, participate in hands-on projects, and connect with industry experts through engaging lectures and panels. Explore a blend of advanced mathematics, applied physics, and cutting-edge engineering courses, all while building a network of professionals and peers in one of the world’s most dynamic regions for innovation.

Learn more about Semester In Oakland: Entrepreneurial and Experiential Research.

Sponsored by the Bouvé College of Health Sciences:

Dive into the world of social justice and healthcare this fall in Oakland. Explore the complexities of these interconnected fields through hands-on experiences and engaging coursework. Join us for a transformative semester that will empower you to become a change-maker in the fight for equity in healthcare.

Learn more about Semester In Oakland: Social Justice and Healthcare.

Semester In Seattle Programs

Fall 2024

Where Innovation Meets Nature’s Grandeur!  

Immerse yourself in the heart of technology and creativity with Seattle as your academic playground. Home to tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Facebook and with a rich cultural tapestry, Seattle offers a perfect balance for students. Picture yourself studying in coffee shops that birthed global brands, then hiking in the breathtaking Pacific Northwest. Engage in academic excellence while exploring a city that seamlessly blends modernity with the tranquility of nature.

Seattle, WA skyline

Sponsored by the Khoury College of Computer Sciences:

Enjoy an unparalleled learning adventure in Cloud Computing. In partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), this immersive experience equips students with the skills to implement cloud solutions and provides hands-on application development on the AWS platform. Dive into CS3500 Object-Oriented Design and other opportunities to engage with industry professionals and local alumni.

Learn more about Semester In Seattle: Cloud Computing.

Semester In Silicon Valley Programs

Fall 2024

Innovation Meets Education in the Tech Capital!

Silicon Valley is the global center for technology and innovation, where students can connect with the brightest minds and groundbreaking companies shaping our future. This is the place where ideas become reality, offering students in tech, business, and entrepreneurship fields an unmatched opportunity to learn and network. Beyond the tech scene, Silicon Valley’s proximity to San Francisco provides access to a wealth of cultural experiences, from arts and theater to diverse cuisine and outdoor adventures, making it a dynamic and inspiring location for students to study and explore.

Sponsored by the D’Amore-McKim School of Business:

Experience the dynamic world of business and tech in Silicon Valley next spring with Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Finance. Engage with startups, meet investors, and learn from industry leaders while studying and living in the epicenter of entrepreneurship and global technology. This immersive program offers a unique blend of academic rigor and real-world experience, providing an unparalleled opportunity to dive into the world of technology ventures, entrepreneurial finance, and industry disruption.

Learn more about Semester In Silicon Valley: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Finance.

Semester In Greece Programs

Spring 2025

Where Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Knowledge!

Step into the living history of Greece, where ancient philosophy and modern education coexist harmoniously. Study amidst archaeological wonders and crystal-clear waters. Dive into the birthplace of democracy and let the vibrant culture inspire your academic pursuits. The blend of historical exploration and contemporary business learning makes Greece an unparalleled destination for students.

Sponsored by the College of Science:

Dive into the heart of cell and molecular biology in Greece next spring. Conduct independent research in an intensive lab setting, design experiments, and present your findings like a professional. Beyond the lab, immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant culture of Greece, where ancient traditions meet modern scientific inquiry.

Learn more about Semester In Greece: Life Sciences in Action.

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