Global University System

Make the most of your Northeastern education—tap into our global network.

As a Northeastern student, you are part of a powerful global community, which means that you have access to innovation and immersive education, research, and workforce experience regardless of which campus you study at. To thrive in today’s complex and highly interconnected world, you need contextual agility, intercultural competence, and a global mindset. That’s why we have built—and continue to build—our global university system: to open the world to you.

Spend a semester living, studying, and working in a major global city at on one of Northeastern’s global campuses.

Glowing lines connect buildings of city at night.

Global University System programs offer opportunities to:

  • Take high-quality courses from faculty experts, make degree progress and perhaps add a minor or concentration.
  • Engage in project-based, community-engaged learning with a cohort of your peers from across the university who share your interests.
  • Interact with community and industry leaders, building your professional and personal networks.
  • Work with some of the best-known companies in the world as well as some up-and-coming start-ups, through co-ops, internships, or the unique work-based learning models we are innovating on our campuses.
  • Participate in experiential learning opportunities, including co-curricular activities that tie coursework to the host city and extra-curricular activities that immerse you in local cultures.
  • Receive robust on-ground support.

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