The E Word

You’ve all heard it; you’ve all said it. You’re all probably scared of it, though you know how important it is. That’s right, today we’re talking about the ‘E’ word: […]

Mongolia v. Australia

           What? Mongolia versus Australia? Did I read that right? What could those two places possibly have in common? Well, apart from a hemisphere, not much […]

Why Should You Study Abroad?

Chances are, if you know somebody who has studied abroad, they like to talk about it – a lot. It might seem like the only thing they ever talk about, to the […]

How to be Broke

New York. Tokyo. Paris. Dubai. Sydney. Not much unites these places except that they’re all huge, have tons of people living in them, and – oh yeah, they’re wicked expensive […]

Where Should you Study Abroad?

The world is a big place. Like, real big. Not as big as a randomly generated world in Minecraft, but still… pretty darn big. Unlike the Minecraft world, ours is actually inhabited – […]

Feeling at Home in a Foreign Country

You know that feeling, when you’re at home, wrapped up in a bundle of blankets, with absolutely nothing to do, and the muted pitter-patter of rain on your bedroom window? […]

Unpacking Australian Stereotypes

I’m sure that most of you have heard about kangaroos, rugby, shrimp on the barbie, and vegemite: all the classic staples of Australian culture. That’s what the media portrays at […]

Finishing Up My Last Exam: Now What?

After a semester full of adventure, new discoveries, and unforgettable moments, I found myself going to take my last exam in Australia. Although I was excited to feel like I […]