Edinburgh: First Impressions

I arrived in Edinburgh on the first of September, after a long night-into-day of travelling and layovers. I was nearly delirious- the only sleep I’d gotten was a short 30 […]

How Australia is “Subtly Sustainable”

Sustainability! We hear this word all the time, yet very few of us live truly sustainable lives. At times it seems like just a buzz word, a trending hashtag on […]

You’re Not Alone If You Feel Lonely

When I first applied to study abroad for an entire year, I was definitely not thinking about how a whole year of distance from my friends back at Northeastern might […]

A Taste of Madrid: A Foodie’s Fave List

Madrid is full of delicious treats, gladly found in every corner, and at very affordable prices. I consider myself a proud foodie (yes, I take pictures of almost every plate […]

The Wonders of Weather in Great Britain

One thing Brits love to talk about is weather, which is in abundance in Great Britain. Discussing weather has even been called “a national obsession” (O’Meara 2019, 11).  It’s a […]

Packing for Sydney: A Complete List

Hi everyone, I’m Simmi! This semester, I’m studying abroad at the University of Sydney in Australia.  One of the things that I was really worried about when moving to the […]