Packing for Sydney: A Complete List

Hi everyone, I’m Simmi! This semester, I’m studying abroad at the University of Sydney in Australia.  One of the things that I was really worried about when moving to the […]

Culture Shock, or lack thereof

When you think of Australia, a few things might come to mind: cute things (koalas, kangaroos), scary things (spiders, crocodiles), unfamiliar slang (the arvo? Maccas?), weird foods (vegemite), and more. […]

The E Word

You’ve all heard it; you’ve all said it. You’re all probably scared of it, though you know how important it is. That’s right, today we’re talking about the ‘E’ word: […]

Mongolia v. Australia

           What? Mongolia versus Australia? Did I read that right? What could those two places possibly have in common? Well, apart from a hemisphere, not much […]

How to be Broke

New York. Tokyo. Paris. Dubai. Sydney. Not much unites these places except that they’re all huge, have tons of people living in them, and – oh yeah, they’re wicked expensive […]

How to Make the Perfect Smoothie

I suppose I should begin this article by admitting that I have already lied to you. This article is not about how to make a perfect smoothie – however, if […]

A Week in Cairns

Since I arrived in Sydney last July, I’ve been so busy with schoolwork and friends that I’ve hardly had the time to get out of the city. In fact, the […]