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What is Summer In?

The Summer In program is an immersive experience that allows students to earn 8 credits towards their major, minor, or concentration, while studying at one of Northeastern’s Global Network campuses during a summer 1 or summer 2 term. This program provides a unique opportunity for students to interact with local industries and participate in cultural engagements and networking opportunities. Participants immerse themselves not only in academic studies, but also in the vibrant cultures and lively professional scenes of these bustling global cities.

Current Locations: Seattle

Summer In Seattle Programs

Where Innovation Meets Nature’s Grandeur!  

Immerse yourself in the heart of technology and creativity with Seattle as your academic playground. Home to tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Facebook and with a rich cultural tapestry, Seattle offers a perfect balance for students. Picture yourself studying in coffee shops that birthed global brands, then hiking in the breathtaking Pacific Northwest. Engage in academic excellence while exploring a city that seamlessly blends modernity with the tranquility of nature.

Seattle, WA skyline

Sponsored with the College of Engineering:

Explore the future of aerospace in the world-renowned hub of innovation and aviation. This immersive program offers interactive lectures, site visits to renowned aerospace giants, and tours of rocket companies. Through key courses in mechanical engineering and engagement with industry experts, participants will gain hands-on learning experiences and exposure to diverse career opportunities within the aerospace industry.

Learn more about Summer In Seattle: Aerospace.

Sponsored by the Khoury College of Computer Sciences:

Enjoy an unparalleled learning adventure in Cloud Computing this summer. In partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), this immersive experience equips students with the skills to implement cloud solutions and provides hands-on application development on the AWS platform. Dive into CS3500 Object-Oriented Design and other opportunities to engage with industry professionals and local alumni.

Learn more about Summer In Seattle: Cloud Computing.

Sponsored by the College of Arts, Media, and Design:

Get inspired this summer in Seattle with a program that delves into fundamental design practices/principles and problem-solving through studio projects emphasizing audience awareness and contextual significance in creating impactful communications and experiences. Engage in industry-based field trips, lectures, and courses like Design Process Context, System and Experience Design 1, Typographic Systems, and Information Design Principles.

Learn more about Summer In Seattle: Design Experience.

Sponsored by the Bouvé College of Health Sciences & the College of Social Sciences and Humanities:

In the Urban and Global Health program, students will take this twenty-first century city as an urban laboratory to learn first-hand how social policy, community empowerment, and global philanthropy can close gaps in healthcare and improve health outcomes for diverse populations. Working with local partners, students will learn how communities address the health impacts of income inequality and housing insecurity, epidemic diseases, and negative environmental impacts.

Learn more about Summer In Seattle: Urban and Global Health.

Sponsored by the Khoury College of Computer Sciences:

As an immersive experience in the heart of Seattle, the User Experience Design program partners with organizations across Seattle’s tech industry to provide students with real-world learning. During their time in this program, students will engage and network with a variety of user experience professionals, both in and outside of their course projects, exposing them to the diverse industry of user experience design.

Learn more about Summer In Seattle: User Experience Design.

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Seattle is very tech-centered, and it was insightful to see a broad spread of what people in my career path do day-to-day. Seattle was a refresher, and a nice experience overall in a city across the country during its best season. Working with local industry was an interesting experience and I learned a lot.