The Global Experience Office (GEO) provides Northeastern students intellectually challenging and culturally enriching opportunities throughout the world.

These experiences not only complement students’ on-campus studies but also prepare them to become effective leaders in an increasingly global community. Our programs are opportunities for students to deepen their knowledge of the world and their chosen field of study, develop intercultural and political sensitivity, utilize and strengthen foreign language skills, and explore global career options.


Dialogue of Civilizations

Faculty-led summer programs for first through fourth year students.

Study Abroad

Independent semester-long programs for first through fourth year students.


Global Quest

Cohort based year-long interdisciplinary experience for select first year students.

Semester In

Independent semester-long opportunities for first through fourth year students at Northeastern campuses around the world.


Global Engagement Program

Cohort based four-year long interdisciplinary experience for select majors.

Incoming Exchange Program

Independent semester-long study at Northeastern University for Exchange students.


Global Co-Op

Independent career opportunities with global companies and organizations for students.

First semester study abroad program for a select group of admitted students.


Research, Internships & More

Independent program additions for select students.

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