Student Reflections

Turning Bad Habits Into Good Ones

Sara Capella
March 11, 2021
Long winding road between two grass hills.

At this point, I have been in Level 5 lockdown for the entirety of my time in Ireland.  February was extremely difficult- it rained for three weeks straight and we found out that the lockdown got extended (again).  Not the best news to brighten a rainy day, that’s for sure!  It can be easy to fall into bad habits, but I have found that adopting certain good habits can make all the difference.  Here are a few habits to start if you are feeling down in lockdown somewhere in the world:

  1. Fuel your body.  Eat healthy foods- chicken, eggs, vegetables, fruits.  I make it a point to have a fruit in the morning and a vegetable at night.  While the chips here in Ireland are grand (especially the Flame Grilled Irish Steak flavored chips), they will make you feel lethargic and down after a while.  Drink lots of water and take your vitamins. I take C, D, and a probiotic, but do what works for you!  I have found that Vitamin D is especially helpful to keep my mood elevated.
  2. Turn nap-taking into walk-taking.  I had a habit of taking a nap after a long day, bad news, or just periodically throughout the day.  I have started taking a walk every time I feel the urge to nap, am upset, bored, or even just when the sun is out.  I walk between 6-12 miles daily and it has gotten to a point that I feel so much better after going on a walk.  Sure, I walk the same 1 mile loop over and over, so I am convinced the neighbors think I am crazy!
  3. Stay in touch!  Lockdown can easily get very lonely so try to surround yourself with people (if you can).  Roommates make great friends and you can have dinners with them, watch movies, work out, go on walks, explore the area, etc.  Call family and friends back home- plan a virtual dinner and movie night with them or just simply chat.
  4. Try something new.  Order delivery for a place you’ve never tried.  Walk a different direction than you normally walk.  If the school is offering any special classes or events- join them!  I learned to play the tin whistle and it was pretty fun!