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Global Quest

Tower Bridge in London and Church of Saint Pavlos in Greece, divided by white line.
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Your first opportunity to study abroad as a Northeastern University student.

A full-year global experience to jumpstart your college career.

Spend the fall semester on Northeastern’s Boston campus and dorm in a Living Learning Community, building connections with your cohort and preparing for your spring abroad. In the spring semester, you will study at one of Northeastern’s signature Global Quest study abroad locations with members of your cohort

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Each Global Quest experience includes the following:

  • Program excursions and activities (travel permitting) in fall and spring.
  • A pre-approved curriculum matched to your major.
  • Dedicated on-site student support.
  • Arranged housing.
  • A $3,000-$5,000 scholarship
Westminster Abbey in London.

The Global Quest Experience

Global Quest is a full-year experience starting with community building on the Boston campus and culminating with a spring study abroad experience.

Preparation and Cohort Building at the Boston Campus

  • Study at Northeastern’s Boston campus.
  • Live with your Global Quest cohort in a Living Learning Community (LLC).
  • Receive pre-departure preparation and attend orientation events.
  • Build your cohort community: participate in community-building event, take classes together, and travel together

Study Abroad in London or Greece

  • Study abroad at either the New College of Humanities in England or at the American College of Thessaloniki in Greece.
  • Continue to live with and build community with your Global Quest cohort
  • Have the benefit of on-site support staff.
  • Take classes taught by local faculty members that count directly towards your major.
  • Engage in global intercultural learning, programming, and exploration.

Accepted Students: Frequently Asked Questions



Are we living on campus? 

For both locations, you are not living directly on campus, but close to campus.  

In Thessaloniki, the hotels where you are staying are a 15-min bus ride to campus (shuttles are provided). 

Do we have an RA? 

In Greece, you will have Resident Assistants living in housing with you and they will be your main point of contact while you are abroad.  

Can I/do I have to pick a roommate? 

You will have a chance to fill out a housing preference form in which you can indicate roommate preferences. While our host institutions cannot guarantee anything, they will take your preferences into consideration. 

Please note that in Greece, you may be placed with a roommate from another ACT program or with an ACT student. 

Where can I find photos of our general housing? 

For Greece, there are two hotels that you may be staying in. Details are available on their websites. 

Study Abroad Housing at ACT 

Hotel Queen Olga 

Metropolitan Hotel 


When and how do we register for classes? 

You will pre-select courses with your Academic Advisor at Northeastern in October. (see above message). Your Academic Advisor must sign off on your course choices. Following that, your course selections/preferences will be sent to your host institution which will register you in your classes. Please note that while effort will be made to secure your choices, in some cases substitutions will need to be made because of timetabling, overenrolled classes, and other conflicts. That is why it is important to have at least three back-up choices. 

Will our classes only have Northeastern students? 

Some classes will only have NU students, while others will be mixed with other students, including students from other study abroad programs or full-time degree seeking students. 

Where can we look at all the available courses? 

Course maps for both locations are available on our website. See the “Academics” tab of each Program Brochure. 

What is the research program and when does it begin? 

Details on the summer research extension will be announced next week. 

Do credits automatically transfer to Northeastern? 

Yes, all Global Quest courses are pre-approved for Northeastern transfer credit. The course equivalency for each course is listed on the course maps.  


How many excursions do we go on?  

For Greece, the program provides two cultural field trips out of Thessaloniki – these are included in the program fee. You will also have a selection of in-city cultural opportunities (free and low cost).  

Where are the excursions? 

Included excursions are still being planned and developed, based on COVID protocols. 

Are the excursions in groups or alone? 

Included excursions are conducted in groups. 


Arrival and Departure Dates: 

Greece – study abroad housing opens January 4, New Student Orientation begins January 5. Last day of exams is April 1, study abroad housing closes April 6. 

How do we buy plane tickets, where do we get them from, where do we fly to? 

We will provide preferred flights. 

Do we travel as a group or go on our own? 

Flights are on an individual basis. You are welcome to fly with a group of friends but all flights should be booked individually. 

Are we allowed to travel outside of the country for mini vacations? If so, how would that work? 

Yes, you are! Please keep a few things in mind: 

  • It’s your responsibility to keep up with any visa restrictions.
  • (do students have to update NU/safety?)  

Can we make our own plans on weekends? (I.e. go to Paris?) 

Yes, unless there are any required program meetings scheduled. Please also ensure you are keeping up academically. Before booking a trip, you may want to check in with your local, on-site staff for questions or suggestions. 

Do we have to leave immediately after the term? 

No, you can stay in your location until the end of your departure date or before your visa expires. 


How do we get a visa? 

Visas are your responsibility. Northeastern provides advice, but we are not legal authorities and we do not arrange visas. 

For Greece, U.S. citizens will need a visa. Amanda will send out visa guidance soon. 

Fall 2021 Global Quest Events 

  • Global Quest Alumni Panel – Wednesday, October 13th (5pm-6pm), 346 Curry Student Center 
  • Intercultural Workshop – November 4th – TBA 
  • Virtual Pre-Departure Orientation – November – TBA 
  • Global Quest Bon Voyage Dinner – Monday, December 6th (5:30pm – 7:30pm), West Addition Mezzanine, Curry Student Center 


Academic Calendar  

Spring 2022 
Student Arrivals  January 3rd – 4th, 2022 
Start of Classes  January 10th, 2022 
Midterms  Depends on the course (TBD) 
Semester Break (Reading Week)  February 21st – 25th, 2022 
Final Exam Period  March 28th – April 1st, 2022 
Last Day of Classes  April 8th, 2022 
Student Departure  April 13th, 2022 


  • Flights – We recommend that students arrive at London Heathrow Airport on either Monday, January 3rd or Tuesday, January 4th. NCH will coordinate ground transportation from Heathrow Airport to Chapter Spitalfields on January 3rd or January 4th ONLY. If you arrive before or after these dates, you will need to coordinate your own transportation from the airport on your own.  
  • Housing – Students will be living in Chapter Spitalfields – a specialist student accommodation provider in central London. A rooming request form will be shared with you soon. 
  • Passports – If you need to process your passport or renew it, please do this ASAP if you have not already done so. If you have any questions about it, please E-mail Jeff Sullivan, ([email protected]) 
  • Visa Guidance – All students should check to see if they need to obtain a UK visa prior to travelling to the UK or if they can get one at the UK border (https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa). This tool also provides an overview of the applicable visa process and details about supporting document requirements. The following three questions will be asked to confirm if you need to apply for a visa. 


Please make sure you answer all three questions correctly. 


  1. What’s your nationality as shown on your passport or travel document?

Select the country of your nationality (for example; Brazil)

  1. What are you coming to the UK to do?

Select “Study” from the given options

  1. How long are you planning to study in the UK for?

Select “6 months or less”


All visa nationals must apply for the visa from their home country prior to their arrival in the UK. You can find a list of visa national countries here. Please reach out to Jeff Sullivan, ([email protected]) if you have any questions about this. 


Begin Your Registration Process

You will be assigned a specific spring location depending on your major. Please check out your major eligibility in our academics section.

Step 1

Express your interest in Global Quest in your Application Status Check by April 5, 2021.

Step 2

You will receive a follow-up email and form to commit to the fall Living Learning Community. Complete this form by May 19, 2021.

Step 3

Meet with your Academic Advisor during summer orientation to get pre-approved by your college to register to study abroad in spring.

Step 4

Registration opens for the spring study abroad portion of Global Quest on June 1, 2021. You must register for spring study abroad by October 1, 2021. A $500 deposit is due upon application.