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Five Weeks of Filmmaking in London

My last week in the UK is on the horizon — and I’ve been busy. Throughout the trip, my classmates and I have been working on four different documentaries, seeing […]

6 tips for UK Day Trips

During my first two weeks abroad, I have been loving the fast-paced city life that London has to offer. However, I am also excited to explore the British countryside. England […]

UK vs US Universities: My Experience Abroad

While abroad, I’ve been thinking about various aspects of my professional identity and how they’ve changed since living in a different country –– worker, traveler, and of course, student. With […]

Embracing Your Tourist Title

When I first touched down in London, I was determined to camouflage myself as a “real Londoner.” Minimizing anything that revealed the undeniable fact that I am, indeed, a tourist […]

Exploring Outside Your Study Abroad City

As I’ve mentioned in past articles, I’m a hardcore city gal. I love the endless possibilities of shops, restaurants, and walking routes in major cities, and if somewhere requires you […]

My Favorite Markets in London (So Far!)

Locals and tourists alike love spending their weekends at London’s world-renowned markets. Whether you’re looking for a pick-me-up snack or a unique gift for a friend, stopping by one of […]